Monday, January 20, 2003


A "Take Back the Media" production by symbolman:
Bush is not a Nazi, so stop saying that
Criticism of the President is not a crime

It's appalling to hear the lengths Republicans will go to protect
their own ("Web site to counter GOP critics in 04", 1/18), even to
the point of shredding the Bill of Rights in the process. No
patriotic American who reads, "Iowa Republicans received an e-mail
Wednesday from the group asserting: 'Hardly a week or even a day will
go by without one or two Democrats somewhere in Iowa criticizing the
president. We must hold them accountable - and confront them' ",
would arrive at the conclusion that the Iowa Presidential Watch
respects the right of critics to question their anointed President,
who remarked only three times that it would be easier if this were a

Are we living in America, or some Communist police state, where we
can be hauled off to jail for speaking out against our leaders? Do
Republicans really think they can get off scot-free with silencing
the voices of dissent? If so, I strongly suggest that Republicans
read their copy of the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights,
unless they already used it for fireplace fodder.

Unless we're wearing blinders, we can accurately assert that hardly a
week, or even a day, goes by without a chorus of Republicans
somewhere in America acting as if criticism of the President were a
crime that must be severely punished instead of the Constitutionally
protected right it is.