Monday, February 03, 2003


No wonder they're doing all they can to destroy liberty, justice, and the American way of life

What scares right wingers to the bone?

By Mike Hersh

Jan 31, 2003, 12:11 PST

What scares right wingers to the bone? Freedom. Free speech. Free thoughts. Free people. Why? They feel insecure in an uncertain universe. Right wingers crave order and simplicity, and will impose these things where it is not and should never be.

Actual conservatives -- equally skeptical of over-concentrated power in religious, private AND government hands -- are few and far between in the current conservative "movement."

A recent a San Francisco Chronicle article by Marc Sandalow examines the current crop of right wing "conservatives" who attended the national Conservative Political Action Conference in a public display of right wing pathology. Sandalow describes Dick Cheney leading right wingers in mob hysteria reminiscent of the "Five Minute Hate" sessions depicted in Orwell's classic 1984. (snip)

....Sandalow noted that right wingers hate Hillary Clinton and often resort to infantile slogans in lieu of logic or facts. "'It takes a village to elect an idiot,' read one sign," from someone who confused New York State with a tiny hamlet. Other typically simple-minded mockery abounded as "'Save a tree -- eat a beaver,' proclaimed one group's bumper sticker, " and "'So you're a feminist. Isn't that cute,' read another."
Attendees bought "Democrats are evildoers," and "'Proud Member of the Right Wing Conspiracy' license plates." They sold each other "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun" and "'End Global Whining' bumper stickers." Meanwhile, "One vendor was hawking a placard that twisted the "s" in Islam into a swastika, while another offered a bumper sticker proclaiming, "No Muslims -- No Terrorism."

Dissent threatens right wingers' fragile sense of security. They demand that everyone believes whatever they believe -- even if that belief changes at the whim of their superiors -- because. Well just because! And don't ask questions! They believe whatever their superiors tell them to believe, because their insecurity and fear of the unknown prevents them from defying tradition or thinking in new ways.
I'd say right wingers demand that everyone think whatever they think but right wingers don't think. They listen and obey. Free thinking threatens right wingers. It weakens their precarious hold on their make-believe world....(snip)

......Right wingers are stuck in time. In 1776 they attacked George Washington and supported King George III against valid criticisms from the patriots. Right wingers attack patriots who make valid criticisms against George W. Bush today.
In 1776 they attacked Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, and right wingers still oppose reforms which protect and invigorate capitalism today. This includes anti-trust, fair trade practices, SEC regulations, and other protections for consumers, investors, workers and the environment which all keep the economy and society healthy and growing. (more)


So here you have it; right wingers hate what patriotic Americans love: freedom, democracy, and dissent. They're the traitors posing as patriots who falsely accuse patriots of being unpatriotic because real patriots refuse to follow blindly the traitors in power.

Granny D Turns 93 -- Happy Birthday Granny!

Granny tells Americans to keep fighting to restore liberty in America--even at the expense of getting locked up!

My family belongs to a group of families who, together, provide for the annual income of a local farmer, in exchange for the food he produces. It is an organic operation, which not only means that dangerous chemicals are kept out of the foods, but also out of the soil and the water that flows eventually into the rivers and seas.
How we live shapes the entire world. I am no angel. I buy clothing that is a bargain and I look at the tag with guilt if it is from some faraway place where the workers may be abused. My part of New England used to be a great textile center, so I also care about the fact that my purchasing may take jobs from my neighbors.

.....When we look at Mr. Bush and his war machine, and his rising campaign against our own freedoms and civil rights, we must think of it all as a mental illness that has come over the American mind. It is our illness.
Yes, we must stop this war. We must stop this attack on our Bill of Rights. But we are bailing out our flooding boat with our straw hats if we do not look to the cause of this insanity.

...I know I will be in jail before Mr. Bush is out of the White House. I know some of you will, too. I know I will give my all to stop this unwarranted invasion of the world by this disturbed man and his disturbed friends. I urge you to fight as well. I urge you to go to the peace march in New York City on Feb. 15 and be a part of the largest American uprising in modern history.

Go Granny Go!


40 Dead in Zimbabwe--train wreck

HARARE, Zimbabwe - A crowded passenger train and a freight train collided head on and burst into flames Saturday in northwestern Zimbabwe, killing 40 people and injuring about 60.

Transport Minister Witness Mangwende blamed the crash on human error, saying a signal mistake sent the trains hurtling toward each other on the same track.

The signals on the remote stretch of rail line had been reported faulty since November, according to state television.

7 die over Texas--Space Shuttle Columbia

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Countless clues left investigators with few answers as they probed what caused the breakup of space shuttle Columbia after the deadly disaster spewed debris across hundreds of miles.

In addition to examining the wreckage, NASA was analyzing transmissions from the crew, records from the shuttle's sensors and data from military, government and commercial satellites....

....Just a little over a minute into Columbia's launch on Jan. 16, a chunk of insulating foam peeled away from the external fuel tank and smacked into the left wing, which like the rest of the shuttle is covered with tiles to protect the ship from the extreme heat of re-entry into the atmosphere.

.....Why is it that whenever someone dies such a tragic death, Bush and Mugave somehow wind up benefiting? Something just doesn't sit right when one man prospers at the expense of the lives of others :-o